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Ali Hall, JD/Motivational Interviewing, Evidence Based

“Energetic, experienced instructor.”

“I liked how the material was explained and discussed in a way I can use in practice.”

Athena A. Drewes, PsyD, RPT-S / School-Based Play Therapy

“Amazing Presenter and super helpful materials.  Best workshop I’ve ever attended.  Thank you!”

“Best conference I have attended. Thanks!!!”

“Loved it”

“Information was immediately applicable and practical.”

Garry L. Landreth, Ed.D., LPC, RPT-S / Healing the Hurting Child: The Necessary Dimensions of Child-Centered Play Therapy

“Dr. Landreth was riveting! I’ve never been in a workshop that flew by so fast!””Presenter was excellent – a master of his craft.”

“The presenter was amazing! Loved his quotes.”

“Interactive practice time and his willingness to answer ALL questions.”

“Dr. Landreth was amazing and incredibly funny.”

“Training with Garry Landreth was so inspiring. Thank you for making such great training available!”

“Healing the Hurting Child: The Necessary Dimensions of Child-Centered Play Therapy was the best play therapy training I have attended.  I recommend it!

Sonia Hinds, APRN, PMH-BC, RPT / Multicultural Aspects of Play Therapy and Managing the Angry Child Using PlayTherapy

“The overall workshop was wonderful.  I will be back!!”

“What I liked most about the workshop is the information on how to implement treatments and how it correlates with family and the community.  Very informative and engaging.”

Hi Sonia, I want to thank you again for such an amazing and useful workshop! It has truly transformed how I interact with the kids I work with. When I walked in to the center this morning, one of the little girls grabbed my hand and took me over to see her picture on the wall…rather than my usual “how beautiful” we had a very nice chat about how hard she worked in it, the way she used the whole page and such an intricate design….she was very proud of herself (and I accurately reflected that too!) Later I had numerous opportunities to practice letting kids do what they can really do but always say they can’t… should have seen my lunch bunch kids beaming with pride when they opened their own milk cartons, butter containers and pudding cups! It was awesome! They were running around showing other kids and the staff what they had done….and never mind about the play dough … just was on and on…that workshop was amazing!!!!!!! I have been an LPC for 15 years and I feel like I’m just starting out. You will see me again! I wish I could get the time off for the boot camp but maybe next year.
Take care and God bless!!!!
Amy Rozett

Kristen Carey, PsyD/Psychodynamic Play Therapy 

“Psychodynamic Play Therapy training was a wonderful workshop. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable.”

Xanthia Johnson, LCPC, LPC, RPT-S / Play Therapy Skills Lab

“Presenter had so much knowledge of content and a passion about the skills.”

“I got so much out of the training! Great presenter, so patient and helpful.”


Philip Lucas, DSW, LICSW, ACSW, Trainer

“I liked the dynamic, charismatic, open, energetic, and humorous presenter most.”

“Entertaining presenter well informed. I liked the unusual topics, not the same boring stuff.”

“I liked the dynamic and personable presenter.”

“I love his (presenter) energy – (it is) motivating!”

Jodi Mullen, PhD., LMHC, RPT-S

“I would like to have more training by Jodi, she is a wonderful presenter”

“I will improve my method of supervision based on this training that was so insightful!”

PEARNEL BELL, PH.D/Adlerian Play Therapy

“I enjoyed Dr. Bell’s teaching style, this has been my favorite workshop on Track A thus far.”

“What I liked most about this workshop was the application of activities in concert with the lecture.”

Other Comments

“Thank you for providing play therapy training in our area.  All of the topics have been so useful.”

“After attending this training, I have changed the way I conduct play therapy.

“This training was so eye-opening.”

“This workshop was exactly what I needed.  I learned so much…”

“I want you to know that I finally received my credentials as a Registered Play Therapist”.  Thanks CBPS for paving the way!

“I learned so much from your webinar that I recommended you as a speaker at our annual conference.  I am glad I did because the feedback was excellent!

“I have gone to a few different trainings through Chesapeake Beach Professional Seminars and they have consistently been high-quality!”

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