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If I am not interested in Track A can I sign up for individual workshops?

Yes, you can sign up for all or any workshops at any time.

How do I know which seminars are a part of Track A?

Any title that has “play therapy” in the title is a part of Track A, unless otherwise noted. If it does not have “play therapy” in the title, it is not a part of Track A and will be an additional cost.

Can I transfer my Track A privileges to another clinician?

No, only the Track A registrant can benefit from the program.

How do I record my progress in Track A?

Upon registration, you will receive a binder where you can place handouts from seminars. Also included in the binder is a tracking sheet or checklist to record your hours.

Do we get a copy of the handout from each seminar we attend?

Yes, CBPS has gone green and we now send handouts electronically. Your CE certificate will also be sent electronically after completion of each seminar.

What is Track B and what is the difference?

Track B means that you take seminars individually and will not complete 150 hours as fast as those in Track A. It also means that you pay more to take each seminar individually.

Who are the instructors?

Please see our website to view faculty members and their credentials. We have faculty members with a wide range of training and experience, some of whom have been with us for many years.

When should I begin Track A?

Track A can begin any time. The program is based on a rolling admission standard. We recommend beginning with the History, Theory, & Foundations of Play Therapy webinar.

How do I register for a seminar?

Go to our website calendar and click on the training title. Fill out the information online and submit it. If you are a member of Track A, you can select the check method of payment and the system will allow you to complete registration without going through PayPal.

Do I still need to register for each seminar I plan to attend even as a member of Track A?

Yes. Please register for every seminar you will attend. We need to know who is coming so we can send the handout and communicate information such as a cancellation due to weather or other circumstances.

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