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Become a Registered Play Therapist!

Become a Registered Play Therapist!

Our Trainings Are Suitable For:

  • Mental Health Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Advanced Psych Nurses
  • School Guidance Counselors
  • Psychologists- Art Therapists
  • Behavior Specialists


This specialized training is not offered in most mental health related graduate programs. As a result, there are few fully trained child therapists/play therapists. Obtaining play therapy credentials is not mandatory but does demonstrate to consumers, parents/caregivers and health insurance companies added expertise and increased credibility. Every agency that provides therapy to children and families should have at least one Registered Play Therapist that is fully trained and credentialed.

The Association for Play Therapy is located in Clovis, California offers Registered Play Therapy credentials to licensed mental health clinicians. In order to obtain credentials, 150 hours of play therapy training, in addition to clinical supervision is required. Content of training includes history, theory, techniques/methods, and the application of play therapy to special populations and in special settings (Please refer to the RPT Credentials Overview list below). In addition, there are specific requirements that must be met before obtaining credentials. Please contact the Association for Play Therapy for more specific written information. CBPS provides over 150 hours of training. Our provider number is APT#97-034. To contact the association, please call Tel. # or send an e-mail to: Website: Please note that CBPS does not provide credentials or license of any kind. Join us on the journey to becoming a Registered Play Therapist.

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Workshop Schedule

You may register for ALL or any training. We have two tracks, Track A & B. Track A is for individuals who are pursing credentials as a Registered Play Therapist on the “fast track” and who register for all 150 hours of training. Track B is for those who are pursing credentials as a Registered Play Therapist at a slower pace and register for individual workshops. Track A Play Therapy participants may not take classes that cross over into Sandtray series. If you are pursuing credentials, we suggest you take the training in the order presented. Training begins with basic play therapy information and progresses to more complex topics. If you are not able to begin the series from the beginning, then you may start at any point and later take the classes you missed. The training calendar is listed separately and not included in this catalog, since the dates change every year. Please obtain training calendar from our website.

Training is offered one or two weekends per month. Those in Track A are expected to attend workshops as scheduled and are permitted to reschedule no more than one workshop due to absences. After one absence additional cost will be incurred in order to complete 150 hours of training.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision with a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor is available for groups and/or individuals. The cost is in addition to the workshops. Please call the Association for Play Therapy to determine how many hours of clinical supervision you need. Some of our instructors provide clinical supervision. We also offer clinical supervision through our therapeutic summer camp. Please call us for more specific information regarding clinical supervision through CBPS.

Frequently asked question: Do I have to take the entire 150 hours or is it possible to take one or two workshops?
Response: You may take any one or all of the workshops.

Certificate of Completion

After completing 150 hours of training, a certificate of completion is awarded by CBPS.

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